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Interview with Mrs. Agnes Puons, General Secretary of Société des Bains de Mer
The Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), is a publicly traded company registered in the Principality of Monaco. SBM manages and owns the Monte Carlo Casino, the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, and the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.

Mrs.Agnes Puons with Olga Alexandrova,Press Officer of Monaco WGP
(Photo: Europe Echecs)

What do you think of this chess tournament?

This event fits perfectly into the atmosphere of this magnificent Casino, in the environment of the games and with the tradition of Monte-Carlo. The Société des Bains de Mer is delighted to share his story with a sport like chess.

Would be a good idea to celebrate a chess event every year?

In Monaco we organize a lot of sports and festive events. This Grand Prix, with its elements of reflection and utmost intelligence, may also be classified in the sports events. It perfectly completes this festive side and brings glamour, so we are happy to reintroduce chess in the Casino.

Mrs. Agnes Puons with Mr.Jean Michel Rapaire,President of Monaco Chess Federation

What are your impressions after your visit?

At first, I was surprised to see women only. I thought, as a feminist, that men and women should play together! But Jean Michel Rapaire, president of Monaco Chess Federation, has explained me the formula of the Grand Prix and I am glad to see that women’s chess receives so much support.

Do you think that the practice of chess could be useful for top women managers?

I don’t have the honour to play, but it’s clear that the practice of chess should be useful for an executive. Strategic reflection and decision making are very much connected with the management world.
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