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More than 120 countries following Women’s Grand Prix in Monaco
The tournament is following its course. Every day a huge number of spectators visit the official website. For the moment, the event has fans from more than 120 countries. The biggest number of visitors is from Russia, France and Ukraine. In the list of countries the 6th place is for Iran, thanks to the participation in the tournament of Khademalsharieh Sarasadat.

Mr. Jean Marc Soriano and Olga Alexandrova

The management of the Casino of Monte Carlo demonstrates great interest for the event. The assistant of director of Casino Monte Carlo Mr. Jean Marc Soriano answered some questions for FIDE website:
Why do you think it’s important to support chess?

We can sell the Casino, it’s very important for us.

Do you think chess gives good image…


Do you know to play chess?

No (smile).

Would you like to learn it?

Yes, of course, but I almost don’t have time. That’s why.

Do you think it’s possible to hold some important tournament here in next years?

Yes, for sure, it’s important to have some events every year, to play chess in the casino.
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